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By Wendy

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Somewhere between robin's egg and turquoise is electric blue, and celebs are flocking to this hue in a big way. An unusual color for summer, electric blue has become a staple with the Hollywood elite on the red carpet and on the streets. Whether it's a daring halter dress like on Chloe Sevigny or a casual tunic like seen on Kate Hudson, there seems to be no limits to where this color can go.

For me, there is something about this color that hearkens back to the late 1980's and early 1990''s almost neon in nature. This used to be one of my favorite colors to wear in scrunchie and sock form, and I am pleased to see its' return. This is actually a fabulous color for a variety of skin tones, and is especially great for showing of a summer glow.

Think that an electric blue frock may be hard to find anywhere past Rodeo Drive? Think again...LeFashionista has you covered, and at a price tag way below what the celebs might pay. If you are eager to try out this trend, then check out Misile's "Addressed to You" sun dress, now on sale. Cute a la carte, or with a pair of jeans, this is the perfect way to dip your toes in the electric blue water.

Misile "Addressed to You" frock, was $210.00, now $180.00

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