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And It Was All Yellow Couture in the City Fashion Blog

By Wendy

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One of the sunniest ways to dress up your summer wardrobe is with a yellow dress. Celebrities are hooked on this trend from the red carpet to a casual brunch, this is THE big hue of the season.

Yellow is by no means a popular color historically when it comes to's a difficult pigment for most to pull off. However, if you have a great glow from a summer tan, then this is the perfect time to try out this trend. If you are looking for an interesting option to wear to a wedding, birthday party or family gathering this summer, then try a yellow dress.

Think that you are too pale for yellow? Not so...if you are fair, then opt for darker shades of yellow and you may be pleasantly surprised that it won't wash you out. Don't be afraid to try out all different shades to see what works best for you. Stay away from patterns if you are worried about trying this trend, and instead look for interesting clean cuts. We like this super soft, feminine and comfortable dress from Yu Clothing:

Yu Clothing, Shirred Tank Dress in Sunny, $124.00

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