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Life & Style has all the latest new trends and news on celebrity style and more! This week, Life & Style reports that baggy jeans are all the rage again...good news for curvy gals like me who just couldn't rock the skinny pants look. Check out these four styles and where you can find them. You can pair baggy jeans with everything from dressy tops and heels to casual tanks and sandals.

Lean and leggy? Here's your chance to show off slender, toned thighs and calves with the hottest trend going in frocks; babydoll dresses! The temperature is raising and so are hem lines, but just beware, don't go too short if you are self-conscious. Stars like Sarah Jessica Parker and Petra Nemcova make this look super hot by pairing super short hemlines with extra tall heels for a fabulous silhouette.

Life & Style brings you 7 trends in 7 days again from all of your favorite stars. See what everyone from Kelly Rowland to Paris Hilton and back wore last week so you can emulate their celebrity style. The general consensus? Green and white casual dresses are HAWT.

Never got over wearing fun graphic tees? Not to worry, they are back for spring with a vengeance, and Life & Style tells you what the hottest selling ones are. Stars like Lindsay Lohan have always been fans of the graphic style, and now you too can find out where to find the hottest tees.

It is my happy duty to report that leaf accents are totally hot this season...I absolutely LOVE leaf accents. Whether you like island style leafs or more of a "ladies who lunch" look, anyone can easily incorporate a little bit of the outdoors into their daily fashion regime. Check out Life & Style for all of this and more and be on the up and up with all the newest celebrity fashion news.

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