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By shelley

Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2007 FAB SUGAR (read full article)

Scarlett Johansson is back as the face of Louis Vuitton in the company’s Fall/Winter ‘07 ad campaign. I am happy to see that she actually looks like herself this time!

I’m also glad that the LV goods she’s modeling are actually something I would consider buying, unlike those lace-infested Dentelle Speedy bags.

Debbie Harry and Lily Allen COUTURE IN THE CITY (read full article)
Legendary Hall of Fame inductees, Blondie, will continue “The Today Show” Summer Concert Series by performing three of their classic hit songs on the show this Friday, May 25th.

Also, check out Debbie Harry’s new single, "Two Times Blue", off her upcoming solo album release titled "Necessary Evil" in stores August 7.

Visit Debbie Harry’s MySpace page

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Omiru Poll Results: Shorts are In! OMIRU (read full article)
****You said: Shorts are In–a 81% majority voted this legwear trend In.

Omiru’s take: Looks like there’s room in your closet for both skirts and shorts. Even though skirts and dresses are in vogue this season, you haven’t given up on this old summer standby. Style tip? If you have short legs, look for narrow-leg shorts that hit at about knee length (like the ones pictured) for maximum figure flattery.

GirlPaint: Hair Removal w/ Johnny B
LIPSTICK POWDER PAINT (read full article)

Although removing hair from your body (or your face, in the case of you guys…or girls who shave your faces. what? anyway.) is not a glamorous task–actually far from it. It’s tedious, boring, mundane…but it must be done. Agreed?

Well, I’m happy to say that I recently found a fabulous shaving cream (well, not actually a shaving cream–read on) that makes this tedious task, well, kinda fun.

debbie harry girlpaint lipstick omiru

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