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By shelley

Designing Women COUTURE IN THE CITY (read full article)

What’s new this week at Life & Style? Once again, they have managed to cram a whole week’s worth of fabulous fashion into their pages, and this week’s hottest trends are up to the minute awesome.

Who knew that the latest “it” bag would only cost $15! First spotted carried by Keira Knightley, this Anya Hindmarch bag is perfect for toting all of your goodies and also preaches a positive message about conservation.

Stylish and socially aware…bonus!
Ghetto what? **PAPIER DOLL**** (read full article)**

The New York Time’s Ruth La Ferla wrote a fashion story, presumably attempting to analyze what she considers the hippest summer fashion trend — bohemian chic with a modern edge.

She acknowledges that the current generation of young women aren’t exactly replicas of their 1960s counterparts (though some obnoxiously pretend to be), but this point seems grazed over in favor of conveying a carefree, we’re-independent-and-confident-but-didn’t- spend-three-hours-getting-ready (no, they spent four).
Q&A: What to Wear With Purple OMIRU (read full article)
****Q: I fell in love with a pair of purple shorts at Forever 21. Purple is one of my favorite colors, but I have absolutely no idea what to wear with these shorts besides white and/or black. Tips, please?

A: Add Neutrals: Purple combines well with shades of grey, beige, and brown. Taupe, in particular, will pair well with purple.

Our favorite color combinations with purple? Purple + Grey, Purple + Cerulean Blue, Purple + Brown, and Purple + Orange. Read on for more tips for creating an outfit around the color purple.
Supermodel Chic STYLE IT (read full article)

Russian supermodel Natalia Vodianova, along with her husband Justin Portman have put their Manhattan “apartment” on the market. Most New Yorkers are lucky if their apartment is the size of a shoe box, but when you’re a supermodel married to a real estate heir, your apartment just happens to be a 4,100 sq ft 6th floor penthouse.

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