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So what's new this week at Life & Style magazine? Check out their front page for all the greatest gossip on baby news (is Nicole pregs or not? I'm skeptical...). Anywho, the hottest trend this week amongst celebs has to be light and airy sun dresses. Whether they are short and sweet or superlong, this is THE staple for the season. I don't know about Gwen Stefani's school girl ensemble though...it's a little too dark and covered up for summer, don'tcha think?

Leave it to SJP to turn a simple pair of jeans and a t-shirt into a chic summer ensemble! The former Carrie Bradshaw just added a pair of yellow heels and a bright pink tote to her casual look and VOILA!...instant style. I'm so jealous. Life & Style shows you how you can add some effortless color to your summer look with these bright combos. Best of all, these trends won't break your bank (that yellow tunic from H&M only costs $25!!!)

I can't believe my eyes...flip flops are in style! Well, this isn't such a surprise really with the summer months upon us, but it's nice to see this casual look get many trendy makeovers. Whether you want a luxe pair to wear with a breezy sun dress or just a casual pair for the beach,Life & Style tells you where to get the best selling pairs this summer.

Who wears it best? Life & Style poses the question to you...and it's not an easy task. These four looks are super trendy and Life & Style readers choose their favorites, so now you can too! While I think that all of these celebs pulled these looks off way better than I ever could, some did it better than others...I simply love the BCBG dress worn by Shaun Robinson and Sophia Bush...so cute! Keep checking in with Life & Style magazine for all the latest and greatest information about your favorite celebs, fashion and more!

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