Milan Fashion Week - Day 4 round up

Prada Spring 2008
This collection was very quirky, colourful and very 'Ugly Betty' in places. I would guess the theme was Oriental, from the satin cheongsam style dresses and tunic blouses. There were lots of transparent and checkered pieces in this collection.

I love the shoes, they were very creative and colourful. I must say I am not crazy about this collection, but you never know, in a few weeks a celebrity will wear one of these pieces and bring it alive. But not the transparent trousers. Cate Blanchett could wear them and I would still hate them.

Missoni Spring 2008
This collection was much better. I love the colours and the floaty fabrics.

The collection included jackets with ruffled sleeves, polka dot mirrored skirts, ankle-length loose dresses as well as Missoni trademark print.

My favourite pieces were the sorbet ensemble and the long waist short set with grey gloves.

Jil Sander Spring 2008
Pink and orange stood out in this collection, as did the many (gauzy) transparent pieces.

The super-short bolero ensembles were my favourite pieces of this collection.

Somehow I don't see Lindsay Lohan wearing this next summer.

Bottega Veneta Spring 2008
The beautiful colour palette ranged from grey to sky, rice to butter. Belts nipped waists to accentuated dresses. Hems were just below the knee, giving an elegant look to the collection.

I loved this, beautifully feminine.

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