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Top Five Runway Falls

By Lauren

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Watching runway shows is way better than watching sports. You have beautiful people parading beautiful fashions down the runway and you have the potential of those beautiful people taking a major fall. I mean it's sad when people fall down and hurt or embarrass themselves, but in all honesty ... it's pretty freaking funny too.

New York magazine has compiled the top five runway falls in recent history. There are videos for some and pictures for the others. I was shocked that Noami Campbell's spill during the Vivienne Westwood show wasn't on there, perhaps it was too long ago. Anyhow, drum roll please ...

1 ) the Lovely and Beautiful Jessica Stam's Fall during the Chloe's 2006 Fall Show. This One Was Bad, like Really Bad. Stam Tripped over Her Own Foot, Collapsed Forward, and Smacked Her Head on the Runway. She Didn't Cry and Slunk off the Stage, She Stood up to a Sound of Loud Applause

2 ) Milana Bogolepova Took a Spill at Dior's 2008 Resort Show. Her Body, Only Covered in a Tiny Swimsuit, Took a Major Slam ... Twice. the "officials" Blamed the Shoes, but That Didn't Stop the Other Models from Making Fun of Her Backstage. Poor Milana

3 ) at Proenza Schouler, Elise Crombez Bit in 2007. Another Shoe Malfunction. She Was Hurled Forward by Her Dangerous Stilettos but Pulled a Major save and Escaped the Potentially Tragic Call. You Go Elise!

4 ) Vivienne Westwood is Known for Her Dangerous Shoes and Dangerous Runway Incidents. so in Spring 2007 It Was No Surprise That Kamila W. Killed Her Career on Westwood's Runway. She Tumbled, Got up, Fluffed Her Hair. the Fluff Must Have Been Too Much for the Skinny Model Because Her Ankles Failed Her and She Was down for the Count

5 ) Marc Jacobs Spring 2007 Runway Was Way Too Slippery for Model Iekeliene Stange. Paired with Slick Shoes, She Was No Match for the Runway Show. after a Quick Slip She Kicked off Her Shoes and Rocked the Runway Barefoot. the Crowd Went Wild

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