Magazine Makeover

The NYT Style Section last Thursday had a full article about ELLE magazine’s makeover…things are just changing from people working at the magazine to layouts etc., for what I would say is the BEST…but, I think that they are one of my TOP fashion magazines…at least online…everyday I wait to see what they will present me with in their daily email and updates on their site…I recommend that everyone sign up for their site. At least once a day you would receive something like:

With Updates from the magazine with insider information, trend images, and more…the trend images are the best…skim through almost hundreds of pieces chosen from editors for several trends…there are also street trends and much more…yes, we LOVE Net-a-Porter and, but, I think that ELLE magazines website is one to contend with and now that they are punching up their magazine it will be on for sure.

The current cover is my fave, SJP...but, now all of the talk is about Lindsay Lohan's cover...we shall see what that will have in store...keep a look out for their September issue...but, until then, the August issue was fab too.

P.S. Their fashion forum is a great way to get insight to what everyone is talking about:

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