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MAC at NY Spring 08 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week - Days 1 and 2

By Christina

Ok, here is my confession: I have never been a huge fashion week follower - to me there is so much about it that is totally fantasy, and just really doesn’t apply much to me and to my lifestyle. (Meryl Streep is going to rap my knuckles) Oh how I wish for a jetsetting socialite lifestyle on occasion, but in general, its just not really me. But I watch from the outside, more as a hobbyist than as a professional, and inevitably there is a tip or a trick or a trend to be spotted - but my overall impression (and maybe this is because I am getting older) is that things don’t really change that much, and just about everything is in style these days.

So my favorite eye-shadow-maker, MAC Cosmetics, is sending out a daily style report from the tents. These are pretty interesting and are just an overview of the makeup looks they are creating each day for each show they are involved with. Again, the overall impression? Everything is in style. Nude makeup? Yes. Metallic makeup? Yes Bright fantasy makeup? Yes. Retro makeup? Uh huh. What is not in style? I am not sure. Apparently not eyebrows for the spring (thank God). :) Anyway, if you are interested in reading more, here are the MAC observations, and a few associated images, from Days 1 and 2 of Fashion Week:

Day 1:

Most seasons, clothing trends work with the makeup trends, each coordinating and flattering the other. Not so Spring ‘08; Y & Kei did their modern hippie dresses, but makeup artist Polly Osmond worked against it. Her faces here were shiny on the cheek and brow bones, with taupe shiny gloss on eyes, and no mascara or discernible brow enhancement. The lips had a slightly bitten look courtesy of M.A.C’s Café Matte Lipstick. ‘We’ve seen so much brow, lash and lip for fall,° Osmond declared, “now it’s time for a return to iridescence. And beiges and browns are classics, not trendy.” Long live no-makeup makeup!

The nudie movement definitely hit Jason Wu’s spring face

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