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By shelley

Rickard Shah FAB SUGAR (read full article)

Watch out Louboutin - there’s a new cobbler in town. Rickard Shah has quickly developed a celeb following with his sophisticated and well-crafted heels.

Jessica Alba is a fan, as is the design duo Jovovich-Hawk who selected his shoes for their Fall collection presentation. Shah also designs handbags.
Tips On Buying The Perfect Swimsuit COUTURE IN THE CITY (read full article)
* I say feel your best before you go swimsuit shopping – A manicure and pedicure and maybe a bikini wax is always a good tip before trying on all those swimsuits.

*Go with someone you can trust – You best friend, boyfriend, mom, husband. Anyone that will give you there honest opinion.

*Read on for more Couture advice.

Q&A: How to Wear White Tights OMIRU (read full article)
****I have a pair of white tights that I’d really like to wear. How can I wear them without looking overdressed?

The cardinal rules for White tights are as follows:
(1) The look should be modern mod–not hospital nurse.
(2) For the chicest look, echo the white in your tights elsewhere in your outfit. Read on for more Omiru advice.

Vera Wang for Kohl’s **PAPIER DOLL**** (read full article)**

With all the talk over the last nine months or so about Vera Wang’s upcoming collection for Kohl’s, I’ve pretty much shrugged off the topic. I’m so ambivalent about top-end designers creating mass-produced lines, that I decided not to get involved this time.

After all, look at Target: Isaac Mizrahi has become a genuine bore, and Proenza Shouler had potential, but the cuts are all wrong.

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