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By shelley

Gossip Girl, Blair Waldorf FABSUGAR (read full article)
Whether you can stomach the "drama" or not, Gossip Girl is worth the watch just for the clothes. **The It Lists drools over the two leads’ wardrobes. **

The Marc by Marc Jacobs lace and metallic dress Blair wore to Thanksgiving was festive and she made the ensemble her own with a pearl necklace, Trina Turk capelet, Stuart Weitzman bow clutch, and crochet tights.

Now if only B’s internal drama could be as polished as her exterior…

Gift Idea for Her **COUTURE IN THE CITY**** (read full article)**

Combating cold weather typically requires an arsenal of wooly accessories. Not anymore.

This cleverly designed hat-scarf keeps both her head and neck warm. She can button the pieces as shown or wear them separately. **Merino Wool Hat Scarf** - $75

And for him, here’s Angelique’s male pick.
Static Combat **OMIRU (read full article)**

When wearing tights during winter, the static always make them stick to the skirt I have on and this creates a “scrunched-up” look that totally destroys the otherwise nice, formal look I’m trying to achieve. How do I stop the static?

A: Indeed, static can ruin many an outfit–from skirts sticking to tights to hair sticking to sweaters. Here’s how to stop static from forcing you into a fashion faux pas:

(1) Run to the store and pick up a can of Static Guard.
(2) Spray Static Guard on your tights.
(3) Put on your skirt, and enjoy a static-free, scrunch-free day!

**BONUS TIPS! The It Lists Adds: **Hey, I grew up in the dry prairies. I know static. Bounce Dryer sheetsare “the” essential fix for static. And you can lightly rub on your hair for static there too. When in a pinch and you don’t have either handy - use hair spray (it helps a little but be careful of it spotting).
Alyssa Ettinger Knitware Pottery **COQUETTE**** (read full article)**

Brooklyn based artist Alyssa Ettinger makes beautiful pottery. I love her Knitware line which are designs based on cable knits — a perfect mix of fashion inspired goodness for your home decor. I love these Aran Cable Vases ($120 on Etsy) that are perfect for a holiday gift for anyone on your list, especially mom. Visit her Etsy store here.

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