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By shelley

Spring Sunglasses Galore FABSUGAR (read full article)
It seems anyone who’s a designer is putting out sunglasses these days. Joining the list that already includes Banana Republic, Phillip Lim and Tiffany are Pucci, Balenciaga, Chris Benz, Karl Lagerfeld, Chaiken, and Jimmy Choo.

Considering everyone wants to go incognito these days, it’s no surprise that these designers also want a piece of the shady pie.
Hot New Trend: Long Cardigans **COUTURE IN THE CITY**** (read full article)**

Looking for a cute, light topper to transition you from winter to spring? Then you must get a long cardigan…the perfect accessory to any outfit, a long cardigan will work with casual and even formal looks if done right.

This ain’t your granny’s knit number; these cardigans are cut flatteringly to fit your form and come in soft cashmere and poly-cotton knits.

Blake Lively (Via
How to Wear a Headband **OMIRU**** (read full article)**
Q: I was wondering if you had any good ideas about wearing headbands and some different types that are "in" right now.

A: Headbands are stylish, easy to wear, and versatile. And the great news is that they’ve been re-embraced recently. Rule of thumb: the shorter your hair is, the thinner the band should probably be. More…
Macbook Air - Thinnest Computer Ever. **GIZMODO**** (read full article)**

It’s real. The fabled MacBook Air actually exists. It’s ultra-thin, can have a normal hard drive or a solid state one and, except for a couple ports, it’s all about wireless connectivity. It’s a stunning.

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