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By shelley

Heidi Montag to Launch Heidiwood**FABSUGAR (read full article)**
She’s collaborating with retail chain Anchor Blue on a line of junior apparel and accessories set to debut by April 15. Striped dresses, color-rich tanks, tees, black shorts, white-denim tops, bags, and jewelry are all in the works, priced from $10 to $60.

[It Lists Says: After her awful music video (ala home cam’ from Spencer Shmuck), I’m not sure if I’d trust her fashion sense!]
Hollywood’s Hottest Clutch: Treesje Metro **COUTURE IN THE CITY**** (read full article)**

Leave it to Hollywood fashionista’s like Vanessa Minillo, LC and LiLo to introduce us to a haut brand of handbags…lately, these ladies can’t get enough of their Treesje handbags.

5 Questions with Constance White, eBay Style Director **OMIRU**** (read full article)**
****What are your top trends for 2008?
(1) The play of hard against soft. For example, a pretty, silky dress in a beautiful color with a menswear inspired reefer coat in tweed or plaid. Lighter fabrics are prevalent in part because of global warming but also because women travel so much today.

(2) A peep toe shoe or bootie with a high vamp–classic 1940s influence.
Again, a 40s trend. Grown up clothes for a more mature look. Baby boomers want to be fashionable but also realistic.
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Fragrance Of The Day: Diesel’s Fuel For Life ** STYLE IT**** (read full article****)**

When we first received a bottle of Diesel’s Fuel For Life fragrance, we were hesitant. The combination of notes straight out of the bottle smell familiar, almost like deja vu. It was only after wearing this fragrance for a week we began to change our minds.

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