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By shelley

Old Navy Turns Over New Leaf**FABSUGAR (read full article)**
Just like FabSugar hinted, Old Navy is getting a fresh, youthful makeover this Spring. [Some already in stores, more in March]. If this is an attempt to catch up with the Zaras and the H&Ms of the world, I say bring it on, Old Navy!

Fringe Benefits: How-to Get Celebrity Style Bangs **COUTURE IN THE CITY**** (read full article)**

1) Consider your face shape: If you have a long face (like Liv Tyler) then you can do the heavy, blunt cut bangs. If you have a heart shaped face (like Reese Witherspoon) then lighter sideswept bangs are more your speed.

2) Try some on for size: buy some hair pieces to try out the look first.
3) See a stylist: DON’T try to cut your own bangs if you want to get the best results.

Reese Witherspoon (Via who are celebs with really ...)
Q&A: How to Fly in Style **OMIRU**** (read full article)**
** **


Q: Any suggestions for a travel-enduring outfit?

A: Wrinkle free fabrics are going to be your best bet for your straight airport-to-flat rendezvous. Try a chunky knit sweaterdress over tights and knee-high boots. Top off the outfit with a 3/4 length or full length wool or cashmere coat (bonus points for bright colors or standout detailing). Read more.

YSL! YSL! Get yer’ YSL! ** STYLE BUBBLE**** (read full article****)**

A democratic approach to luxury’ is something of an oxymoronic phrase. Luxury, meaning something that requires the means aka money to buy isn’t something that everybody has in abundance.

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