5 Love Posts to BlogStalk...

By Meream

5 Love Posts to BlogStalk...

1 Are Men Hardwired to Cheat?

Two guys weigh in. Check this post if you agree.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

Your voice matters to us. Happy reading!

2 What if Your Sister's Fiance Says He Wants You?

What will you do? Will You Tell Your Sister?

3 Does Your Boyfriend's (or Husband's) Mom like You?

My boyfriend's mom does and I know that I am very lucky. How about you girls?

"Women nowadays are vocal about their desires and what attracts them. One aspect of this is knowing the different things that turn them on, whether they be physical traits or actions. Learn more about these various turn ons and see how it can affect your love life."

4 do You Split Housework with Your Significant Other?

If you do, just like the Obamas, you might be in a pretty good relationship. Find out why.

5 is It Okay to Call a Guy?

This post is veering towards yes and seems insightful. Do you agree?
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Does Your Boyfriend’s (or Husband’s) Mom Like You? My mum totally adores my boyfriend, I guess all I have to say is the same as this post, I'm really lucky!! These two are my life!

Well Sheila I think all you've got to do is be your self! Even if your qiet and shy, that's you! Maybe it wasn't meant to be! And they surely don't appreciate you as you are! Mostly it's what your BF thinks about you what's imp! But don't worry youlf find your perfect mate and mather, father in laws :) I really think it's difficult for someone not to like you!! Such a shame! Some people really are not worth it!

Lucky you love :P

They're the truth love! :)

Great list of links! :)

What if Your Sister’s Fiance Says He Wants You? That's a ghastly situation. Some guys really bring you in an ugly situation!! I once happened to me with my bestriend's boyfriend and the worse was telling her what he told me even if nothing happend between us!

Sheila, You've really been lucky with that guy!! :P At least you can say you've lived the princess part for some time! :P

In terms of calling a boy, I think it depends on how long the two of you have been together. In the beginning, I want a boy to pursue me - I think he should call. If he doesn't maybe he's just not interested. I realize that boys are always saying that they're scared of rejection, but so are we. They need to take some initiative. I'm old-fashioned that way, I suppose. :)

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