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Retro Fashion Kitty ...

By Lauren

For some odd reason I was looking at my ORIGINAL blog! Yeah the one from 2005. It seems like ages ago but actually, not a lot has changed. If you want a laugh take a look>>

Here is one of my Kitty Kam posts ... remember those? I took pictures of fashion messes out on the streets of Washington DC. Man, that was fun -- and dangerous.


I will be the first to admit that this is a terrible picture! But I have an excuse, I do. I was getting ready for a night out and wanted to bring my adorable pink Kodak digital camera because I knew I would find plenty of fools in bad fashions. However! The bag that needed to go with my outfit did not have room for the camera. So I had to settle for the camera on my sidekick. Forgive me please.

Our victim,** The Backstreet Boy Lady Killer**. Saw this ridiculously tall gentlemen sporting jeans, the standard "nice" blue shirt that men wear to bars...that is typical bad, but this guy decided he wanted to look extra good, and wanted to be noticed even more than he already was (after all who isn't going to notice a combo of Shaq, Vin Diesel, and a Backstreet Boy reject.) He topped off his look with a leather newsboy hat! and matching leather shoes. OUCH!

Can't you see him...begging to be in the band?

Had to get a pic, too bad it looked like I was a hungry Backstreet Boy fan stalking him to get this crappy picture. It even cost me a conversation with his unattractive and boring friend...who gave me an expiration date on going on a date with him. Better mark my calendar....HAH!

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