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Denim Warehouse Sale Clothes off My Back ...

By Lauren

Today I took my hungover and full of pancakes ass (yes, I ate carbs it was cheatin' time bitches) to the (denim) Warehouse Sale in downtown L.A. Clearly I didn't know what to expect because, well, okay here is what I expected ...

I expected to take my freshly paid ass to a giant warehouse full of magical denim ... True Religion, Taverniti So, William Rast, and the likes. I also expected to walk out of this magical denim sale carrying a pile of denim so high that I couldn't possibly see over it.

Here was the reality: It was a total drama-fest!

Just parking in the kook-convention center was a nightmare and once you get yourself parked you are really in for a treat. Oh, and when I say treat I really mean a nightmare. There is a line that takes OVER and HOUR to get through. Want to know what a line that takes "over and hour to get through" worse? How about some annoying stranger who wants to bore and bother you and your friend in that hour long line?

Argh. Once I got in it seemed pretty magical. Racks and racks of jeans organized by size. I skipped on over to the size 26's only to find a suck-fest. What is the whole world wearing a size 26? I picked up 6 pairs of jeans only to find that they all looked like crap on me. There was one pair of William Rast jeans that looked perfect from the front but looked like a hot mess from the back.


I ended up buying a hoodie from J & Company that I didn't even try on. Why didn't I try it on? Well I found it AFTER I left the dressing room and the dressing room also has a line that is about 20 minutes long.

Turns out that I love the hoodie, so I am wearing it tomorrow.

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