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By shelley

Victoria’s Secret BioFit Uplift Bra FABSUGAR (read full article)
The Victoria’s Secret BioFit Uplift ($45-48) focuses on providing uplift based on individual cup size, so as the cup size increases, the padding decreases.
Spring Hair and Makeup Trends **COUTURE IN THE CITY**** (read full article)**

Tell your winter makeup and hair to take a hike for a while…it’s spring and it’s time to lighten up that look! Black nails with a floral print sun dress? I think not.

Check out these cute spring hair and makeup trends to update your look for this season. Side pony tails, and more.

Carrie Underwood, LC and Ali Larter (Via
Q&A: Aftershave and Cologne 101 **OMIRU**** (read full article)**
** **

Q: How do I pick out an aftershave or cologne for myself? What is the difference between the two? How much is too much, and how do I figure out how much to wear?

A: How much is too much? While you can splash your face with aftershave, coworkers will smell you from across the office if you do so with cologne. Cologne is best applied in small quantities—a dab here & there is enough. Read More.
Love At First Sight ** LUCKY MAGAZINE**** (read full article****)**

This dress is everything I love about Wenlan Chia’s line, Twinkle. The silhouette is simple but unabashedly feminine in a ’50s-ish, La Dolce Vita kind of way.

[The It Lists is a fan of Twinkle, too!]

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