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Hide a Baby Bump Like a Celeb COUTURE IN THE CITY (read full article)

In Hollywood, it’s hard to keep a big secret like having a little one on the way! Especially in our society where every inch of a celeb’s waistline is constantly scrutinized.

Halle Berry Via Beauty Tips, Celebrity Style and ...

Found! Kate Walsh’s Tweed Top **FABSUGAR (read full article)**
Kate Walsh wore a sophisticated tweed top while getting gas a couple days ago — a bit dressy for the gas station but I’m not complaining!

What especially appealed to me was the cowl neck and crossover pleat. It’s luxurious, unlike anything we’ve seen, and it’s Marie Marie’s Empire Top, $398. Put some fun in Fall by adding this piece to your autumnal wardrobe.

What tights are in style? **OMIRU (read full article)**

****Q: What hose/tights are in style? I like to wear shorter skirts, but cannot stand to have bare legs when it is cold outside!

A: You’re in luck–tights of all styles and colors are in style for fall. You can play it safe with neutral colored hose or tights, or you can go wild with technicolor brights. (Shown here Zurich Textured Tights).

Autumn Cocktail Party Dress by Chloé **STYLE BITES**** (read full article)**

Ohh la l’autumn! Ooh the flirty, swingy fun! LOVING this little dress, new by Chloé. Drop-waist silk tank mini. Could be worn to work, flirt or play. New? Honestly yes, but most sizes are sold out. Oh, lord, the humanity!

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