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By shelley

Dolce Vita Does Dresses FABSUGAR (read full article)
Dolce Vita’s six-year-old shoe line has garnered devotees like Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Simpson. Now, they’re looking to dress the girls head-to-toe:

Dolce Vita is adding dresses to their repertoire.

Frocks like Dolce Vita Multi Stripe Dress are available at and Urban Outfitters.

Anne Hathaway: Face of Lancôme **COUTURE IN THE CITY**** (read full article)**

Anne Hathaway has recently been named the new ambassador of Lancôme makeup.

Joining other celebrities like Kate Winslet, Anne’s fresh face and ingenue-like qualities make her the ideal spokesmodel for the line.
Q&A: What to Wear with Faded Black **OMIRU (read full article)**
Q: I have a fabulous pair of black wide leg trousers and although they have faded they still look good. The problem is I can no longer wear them with black. What dark colours can I substitute?

A: Treat the faded black wide-leg trousers like you would a pair of dark grey pants. Dark grey pairs well with all kinds of bright colors. Crack open any fashion magazine from this season, and you’ll see grey paired with bright blue, grassy green, sunny yellow, or even shades of purple.

Dooney and Bourke: Hayden Panettiere Bag **FASHIONOLIC**** (read full article****)**

Last season Emma Roberts was the star “handbag designer” of Dooney & Bourke.

Now for the winter season handbag collection, the designer fashion brand Dooney & Bourke has a fresh new addition to their “Designed by a Celebrity” hall of fame - Hero’s super star Hayden Panettiere.
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