Con-fashion-al I Went to the Discount Dress Store


Con-fashion-al I Went to the Discount Dress Store
Con-fashion-al I Went to the Discount Dress Store

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Look, we all have our little fashion and beauty secrets. You use Vaseline on your hair to keep that cowlick in place. You use duct tape when you wear that halter top with no bra. You are a Mystic tanning goddess. But in most of these cases, the "secrets" are, well, just secrets. They're not really all that shameful, right?

I have a secret, and I am embarassed.

Styledashers, welcome to my con-fashion-al, where I "admit" to naughty little fashion secrets.

Last week, I went to the discount dress store. Not H&M. Not Forever 21. Not even Ross, which proudly proclaims itself as a discount dress store. I went to that independent one at the very end of the strip mall that has a name like "Fashionville," or "La Fashion," or something. Yeah, you know what I'm talking about. There's one in your neighborhood that sells t-shirts for $4.99 and dresses for under twenty bucks. You've seen it, but good grief, you don't actually go there.

But I did.

And I bought a tomato red cotton sundress with an eyelet hem and a grosgrain ribbon around the empire waist that ties into a bow in the back. It was $32.99.

There. I said it. I bought a dress at some no-name discount dress store.
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