Styling Project Update ...


Styling Project Update ...
Styling Project Update ...

We’re done shopping for the dress! Yay!

This is for the current **Styling Project** I’m doing. It’s fun!

I have to admit, I was sort of in a bind when we got to the mall. I knew where exactly I wanted to go to find the dress, however, what proved to be a challenge was to convince her to be more, er, adventurous! She didn’t want prints. She said she can wear any colour but pink. I toyed with the idea of making her wear pastels but I decided against it. I knew she’d look great in white but there were limited styles available in that colour.

I wanted to give up on that particular boutique (**Sari-Sari**, a local shop that offers fabulous cocktail and formal dresses and gowns) and move on to other options but I browsed through one rack and zoned in on a 1920’s inspired silver grey dress! I immediately showed it to her and have her try it on. She stepped out of the fitting room with a smile. She looked fab (and she ain’t dolled up with make up and hair yet!) and the dress seemed like it was tailor-made cuz it fits just right!

She already has a pair of stilletos she can wear with it. As for accessories, we talked about buying a long necklace that’s quite similar to what I have but in a different colour and probably earrings, too, tomorrow and she’s planning to make a few accessories, too. Yea, she’s a major crafter of jewelry! You should see her jewelry and beading set! Gawd. You’d think she a seller of handmade jewelry instead of being a hobbyist.

I will reveal her identity in due time.

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