What's New This Week at Life amp Style?


What's New This Week at Life amp Style?
What's New This Week at Life amp Style?

Shiny and sexy, the hottest trend going in cocktail dresses is of the strapless variety. Bold colors and sweetheart necklines dominate this haute trend, but Liv Tyler shows them all how it's really done in a gorgeous two-toned asymmetrical style. Want to really punch it up? Add a unique piece of "statement jewelry" for extra sparkle.

Do they have the same stylist? Sometimes celebs seem to mirror each others looks, whether unwittingly or on purpose. However, some stars just know how to pull off certain styles better than others. Exotic leather handbags, bold jungle cocktail rings and wayfarer sunglasses are back in a big way...but which celeb pulled off the look best? Personally, I think it's no contest with Gwen...she owns the safari look hands down.

Spring is in the air, so it should be no surprise that A-list toes are busting out of winter shoes. It is my happy duty to report that sandal season has officially begun, and lucky you, there are tons of cute styles to choose from! Ankle straps and espadrilles dominate this spring, and Life & Style has the inside scoop on the top ten best selling sandals of this week.

One of the most surprising looks this spring has to be silver! Celebs like Jessica Biel and Lindsay Lohan are crazy about this metallic trend that is showing up everywhere from dresses and bags to shoes, accessories and more. Add a little silver to your wardrobe for extra shine throughout the day.

Mischa Barton, Lindsay Lohan and Cameron Diaz all took their runway looks to the street in their own realist interpretations. Check out how these starlets added their own interpretation to catwalk couture and made it their own.

So many trends, so many days of the week...see how your favorite stars incorporated some of the hottest trends of the season in their looks this week. Mischa wore gingham, Brook Shields in a gold jacket and Paris in natural prints...this should be enough trends to keep anyone busy!

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