StyleFoul: Spring Fashion Lies

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The trend-watchers among you are most-likely crawling the Internet, trying to figure out what will emerge as the "hot new look" for Spring. After stumbling upon a couple ridiculous predictions this morning, I feel compelled to share them with you, just in case these lies are being perpetrated elsewhere.

1. "The Eighties Look" File this under, "you've got to be kidding me." The latest 80s obsession just barely limped through Winter, and even then it felt like a dying gasp. If anyone tells you this decade is hanging around for Spring, laugh in their face and buy them some plaid

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2. "Animal Prints" Ok, ok. This actually seems plausible, but you can file it under "God, I hope not." This still feels like an 80s throwback, and -- to be perfectly honest -- I'm sick of clothing that's "ironically tacky." However, in small doses -- shoes, accessories, maybe a swimsuit -- I wouldn't rule this out. But I urge caution -- animal print dresses still look dumb

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So now you know. Forewarned is forearmed.
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