Styling Project Update Aileen Apolo Tastefully Served ...


Styling Project Update Aileen Apolo Tastefully Served ...
Styling Project Update Aileen Apolo Tastefully Served ...

It’s been a long time coming but here she is, my dear fashionistas, **Google Philippines Country Consultant** **Ms. Aileen Apolo**, after putting together the ingredients and sprucing them up.

Just a quick trackback to how this project came about. During one of the meet ups with the BoB crew and the organisers of the **Blog Awards**, there was talk about the dress code for the event. They all thought that it would be fun to make it a semi-formal to formal event for a change since most blogger meet ups have been casual and laid-back. Another reason being was that it was afterall an Awards Night — meaning there will be stage and spotlights, cameras, and, generally, a venue to be seen in your best attire. Of course, the fashion isn’t what’s important during the event. It’s merely one of the spices for the night. Anyway, since I saw it as a chance to practice my styling, I offered Aileen my services, which she readily agreed to because it’ll be an adventure.

It took a different turn when a few days before the actual event, due to some unexpected hitches in the event’s program, Aileen and I became co-hosts for the Blog Awards.

I knew then that I had to take my styling ideas up a notch — it now requires more definite planning and conceptualising. Armed with these ideas, we went about the shopping task only a few days before the event and even made the arrangement with the hair and make up artist the night before the event. Everything was a bit rushed, I admit.

Another thing that I have to admit is, I was quite nervous in unveiling the end result of my **styling project**. I keep thinking, “what if people find it pass

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