Congratulations to the Winners of Our Passion for Fashion Giveaway


Congratulations to the Winners of Our Passion for Fashion Giveaway
Congratulations to the Winners of Our Passion for Fashion Giveaway

OK everyone, we have our winners of the Purse Page Passion for Fashion Giveaway, held inour forum.

First let me say this was incredibly difficult to judge because we felt that there were so many great fashion posts. I felt that some people really worked hard with many entries and deserved to win for their effort. But unfortunately we can only pick 3 winners.

And here they are:

**First prize winner: KatiePie

KatiePie wins the Coach Carly bag, a $349 value!**

Second prize winner : irish_clover

Irish_clover wins the Coach Signature Stripe Top Handle Pouch, a $128 value!

**Third prize winner: elaine130

Elaine130 wins the Coach Soho Signature Wristlet, a $48 value.**
Ladies, congratulations on your wins! Your brand new Coach bags have been sent out to you and you should be getting them within a few days.

And everyone please stay tuned as we’ll be announcing another designer purse giveaway soon

Here is the winning post by Katie Pie:

Who’s your icon?

Every girl has a fashion icon. I’m not talking about the great fashion icons of history like Audrey or Grace, but a celebrity who’s incredible sense of style that we try to emulate. Don’t get me wrong, I think Audrey Hepburn is the epitome of beauty- but a black dress and elbow length gloves doesn’t work everywhere. I have two celebrities whose fashion styles I absolutely love- Angelina Jolie and Natalie Portman. Before you presume that I’m wearing heavy black eyeliner and arm tattoos, please note that I am talking about modern day humanitarian Angelina, not vial of blood wearing Angelina. Angelina has gone from the wild girl look to a simple and sophiticated style that exudes sex appeal. Most of Angelina’s clothes come from St. John, who she is the spokesmodel for. She has a penchant for black t-shirts, skinny jeans, and big sunglasses. Natalie Portman has a similar simple and understated look. She selects strapless tea-length gowns from desginers like Chloe and Zac Posen for red carpet events, and sports down to earth Bohemian gear for a casual look. Both Natalie and Angelina have a look that doesn’t seem like a stylist put it together for them.

Whenever I go shopping for a new outfit, I ask myself - Is this something Angleina or Natalie would wear? Granted I know that these ladies probably don’t shop at Express like I do, but I feel like it sends me in the right direction to have an idea of the imporession I want to give when I meet people. I guess I like to think that I give the impression that I dress well but my substance is more important than fashion.

A girl’s fashion icon says a lot about who they are. Someone who idolizes Sienna Miller or Kate Hudson is probably a free spirit, and fans of Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Simpson thrive on glamour and crave attention. Let’s face it, in a world full of Britney Spears’ and Paris Hilton’s, celebrities rarely function as role models in the traditional sense. They are better served as muses for how we would like people to perceive us. So, ladies, who is your fashion icon???? And more importantly, what does it say about you?

We’ll be putting up more of the entries on here. Or you can read them all in our contest thread here.

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