Friday Fashion Blog Favs ...


Friday Fashion Blog Favs ...
Friday Fashion Blog Favs ...

Mama Mio! Pampering for Mommys-To-Be
FAB SUGAR (read full article)

Mama Mio is a fab new line of pampering products for the pregnant woman who has special needs.

It was created by three mothers who all had previous experience in the beauty industry and were looking to invent something specific for the pregnancy era in women’s lives when they are feeling awkward in their own skin!

Erika Pena Lucite Jewelry Line
COUTURE IN THE CITY (read full article)
Kika collection includes twelve pieces ranging in price from $58 to $130. The line consists of various styles of lucite designs that translate easily from day to night. Kika combines an eclectic mix of lucite charms and beads with gold vermeil and sterling silver chains.

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Q&A: What to Wear to a Black Tie Beach Wedding OMIRU (read full article)
I’ve been invited to a wedding in September. The location is Cape Cod, and the dress code is Black Tie. But the venue is the beach. What the heck do you wear to a Black Tie Beach Wedding? Omiru dishes some choices.

Grey’s Addison Moves Back BACK IN SKINNY JEANS (read full article)

[P.S. I’m a huge fan - and love Addison, so this slips into my blog under the guise of "guilty pleasures - lifestyle"] So bits of the pre-production Grey’s Anatomy spin-off with Addison have been let out of the bag. The special 2-hour Addison gets-the-hell-out of Seattle episode will air in May.

Trench Warfare (part deux) PAPIER DOLL (read full article)

While I’m fighting for the answer to the top pick in Trench for the spring season, Christopher Bailey’s already figured it out. This is from the Burberry Spring 2007 collection and this is my wallet getting thinner for the season. And a little Coach find too.

erika jewelry mama mio pena

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