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Geeks on Fashion Parade Deliciously Stylish ...

By Sasha

First up on my list is food writer/blogger Lori of **dessert comes first** with her cream long formal that’s simply so chic. When I stepped out of the auditorium to do my rounds, as one of the hosts of the **Philippine Blog Awards**, on the foyer during cocktails, I already noticed what she was wearing and took mental notes (my camera wasn’t with me at that time). Yes. I knew I had to feature her here on my fashion blog.

Lori is in the middle (fifth from the left) holding her Globe Special Award, DELIBLOG Award. She’s joined by other winners in the photo. It’s also good to note that the Globe Telecoms representative was pretty stylish herself, Senior Brand Manager Jenny Velasco, who came in an all black ensemble with a touch of colour in her earrings. Brilliant!

To get a closer look at what she was wearing, I recommend that you visit her blog. I reckon there’s a photo of Jenny there, too! (Warning: if you’re on a diet, be prepared for a gut-wrenching temptation to drop it when you get there — desserts! Hint, hint! )

Anyway, I love the scarf accent that matches the fabric of the formal and not to mention the set of earrings she used to accessorise. Don’t forget to check out the hem, too! Like I already said, the look was very chic.

Update: I just found this photo taken by Chris Haravata using my camera. I hope this one gives you a better idea of what we all saw.

This is the best photo I can find that shows off the dress in entirety. I apologize if it’s a bit obscure. But you can see photos of the dress, though not in full but a bit closer, in her blog! I promise!

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