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One of the labels most associated with the mod movement of the 60s and 70s, Courreges has not recieved the revival treatments of other houses associated with the time like Balenciaga (Andre Courreges former boss), Mary Quant...even Paco Robanne had a space age do it yourself collection recently. Granted, Adre Courreges died Plucked none to soon from what I think may have been the slow road to obscurity, there is a small collection of Courreges, designed by the 83 year old Andre, himself, at La Redoute including a cheerful, shiny red tote.

Very simple in design, this soft vinyl tote has sharply contrasting white trim around the zipperred areas, and a small signature logo on the front. The interior is lined with cotton.

While I would have prefered the bag to have a drop more oomph...maybe if the zippers were more prominent, perhaps larger in scale, I still think this is a cute zip top tote, perfect for paperwork, the gym, even a diaper bag. It's $129 at La Redoute.

By the way, for those not familiar, La Redoute is a French catalog which pioneered the trend of designer collaborations to create high end style at popular prices (unlike H&M, and Target they don't have American retail outlets, and being French, many of the brands aren't always as well known in the US). It's well worth a look around their catalog.
Here is a short Biography of Andre Courreges.

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