Naomi Campbell Fashion or Reality?


Naomi Campbell  Fashion or Reality?
Naomi Campbell  Fashion or Reality?

The internet is about to burst with Naomi Campbell overload! While we all enjoyed the spectacle that was her “community service” at the New York Department Of Sanitation, it seems her fashion choices have caused an even bigger stir — specifically her one of a kind Christian Louboutin boots. While the lace up boots were initially deemed “priceless”, Louboutin received over 1200 orders on Campbell’s first day of service alone. With such enthusiastic customers, the boots have been put into production.

Remember the reason Naomi had to serve community service in the first place? She had a nasty habit of abusing assistants. In typical MTV fashion, they offered to give Campbell her own reality show — a search for her next victim, er assistant. Entitled “The Minion”, production for the show seemed full speed ahead, until Namoi stopped returning MTV’s phone calls. In another confusing twist, several Hollywood hot shots seem to think they’re representing the supermodel. Bernie Cahill thought he was Campbell’s talking head, but fashion powerhouse IMG believes they represent her exclusively.

On a positive note, it would appear Naomi is taking all her fashion experience to work — by launching a lingerie line with British designer Christopher Kane. No word yet to when or where this project will emerge. “Naomi makes regular visits to his Dalston studio and they meet up in London on a monthly basis to discuss the project. Christopher is just working out his schedule to see if he can do it.”

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