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Bizarre Fashion Styles of the Rich and Famous Couture in the City Fashion Blog

By Wendy

Lindsay Lohan and Mischa Barton (Via

Here's what I will never understand: if you are young, beautiful, rich, famous and have a rockin' bod, wouldn't you want to dress to the nines? I mean seriously, wherever you go, you know you are going to be photographed, right?

I gotta give Mischa snaps for her salute to Fleetwood Mac/70's revival look, but I think that we all know that the high waisted jeans are right up there with pleats and acid wash.

Lindsay, on the other hand, was photographed earlier that day looking stunning in a black and white ensemble that was chic and yet casual. It frankly made her look more mature than she probably is. So my question would be...why go out for a night on the town looking like you lost your top at a frat party and just borrowed the flannel of whatever guy you were hanging all over that evening?

Sigh, I'll never understand...anyways, what do you think of Lindsay's "boyfriend couture" and Mischa's "70's mom-jeans revival?" Is it totally awesome that they march to the beat of their own drummer with their fashion-forward looks, or will they be looking back at these photos in ten years and smacking themselves in the head?

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