What's New at Life amp Style? Couture in the City Fashion Blog ...


What's New at Life amp Style? Couture in the City Fashion Blog ...
What's New at Life amp Style? Couture in the City Fashion Blog ...

This week at Life & Style, you can get the latest scoop on hot celebrity inspired trends! There's something new every day of the week...whether its' Halle Berry's hot satin top or Cameron Diaz's 80's inspired off-the-shoulder look, Life & Style has all the latest info on great trends.

Can we talk about Cameron's cute shoes? OMG...they are totally to die for. Life & Style tells you where to get similar styles so you can emulate Cameron's sophisticated but cool look. Leopard wedges will instantly turn your plain old jeans and tee into a dressy daytime style and are timeless additions to any wardrobe. Pair them with a red, white or black dress or top and jeans for instant glam.

Speaking of cute shoes...its Spring, and that means it's time to bust out those sneakers again! Whether worn with a long flowy skirk or casual with denim's, these aren't your mom's white Keds. Look for sneaks with style like seen here on Lauren Conrad. Life & Style tells you where to find the hottest brands at the best prices.

J. Lo proves that fringe benefits are hot this Spring. The look is more luxe than down on the range, and is super hot on oversized satchels.

The look this season for leather is shiny! Patent leather is super hot right now on everything from shoes and bags to accessories. Tip: Only wear one piece of patent leather at a time to avoid looking like your little sisters' fashion doll.

It's amazing what designers can do with denim! It seems like every season there is a new look, a new cut and a new wash. Loved skinny jeans? Never fret...those are still hot, hot, hot, but so are wider legs, cuffs and, surprise! Colored jeans. Check out Life & Style's recommendation for the best looks right now and the hottest selling denim on the market.

Beauty Alert: Short Nails! Acrylic lovers, you may be disappointed to learn that the hot look right now is trimmed and polished nails. Whether in clear coats, pink or red, short polished nails are the big beauty look this spring.

Love what you saw here? Check out Life & Style for more great tips on celebrity fashion, news, trends and more!

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