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By shelley

Celebrity Style: Katie Holmes FAB SUGAR (read full article)

Celebs are definitely embracing the wide legged jeans trend. And for those tall and modelesque ones, this is a way to look even taller - as if they need any more help!

This is a first Celebrity Style for Katie Holmes and I have a feeling there will be more to come.


Launch of Calvin Klein’s new fragrance "IN2U" COUTURE IN THE CITY (read full article)

IN2U is the first time CK has launched a fragrance for both men and women and its definitely going to be the new scent for Spring
April 2007: Omiru’s Favorite Graphic Tees
OMIRU (read full article)
This month, we’re featuring monsters, frogs, and even a round of poker. Presenting, in no particular order, our Top 5 Graphic Tees for April 2007! Shown here: Whiskers Tee | $15+ at Threadless…Makes me think twice about boating.

Marie Claire’s Products That Changed Their Lives SECOND CITY STYLE (read full article)

[Comment: I agree with SCS - ever since Marie Claire went all P.C. it’s just note as grand. I still like the articles about women kicking ass around the world, but it’ now dabbling too much in politics. I loved when they had this one fashion spread with army wives instead of models. But that’s as far as I want politics in my fashion mags.]

Finally they had a feature on the cover that prompted me to buy the issue…"25 Products That Changed Our Lives". I was very intrigued. You know what? It was pretty good. Here are numbers 1-10 (I bore easily) and links to where to purchase them if you can’t purchase at a drugstore.

calvin claire IN2U klein marie

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