Top 10 High-Tech Beauty Tools for Your Beautyre ...

These days, it's not only mobile phones, laptops, PDA's and all the other electronic gizmos which can go high-tech. The cosmetic industry does it, too.

In the quest for eternal beauty, new product have emerged which applied the high-tech factor into making us perfectly groomed, beautiful and fabulous!

From skin care to bath and body items to hair grooming products, we've listed down the t**op 10 must-have high-tech beauty tools **which will turn us from drab to fab in an instant. Check it out:

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First up, we have this Clarisonic skin care brush and cleanser kit which comes with a 2 oz. cleanser. The device is actually a sonic-based brush which unclogs pores – and is said to be twice as effective as manual cleaning.

The product's gentle enough to be used twice a day – and the best news for me is that it helps increase the absorption of moisturizers by as much as 60%!!

Online users describe this high-tech beauty product as an electric toothbrush for the face. Check the product out and experience the results for yourself.

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