Stop amp Smell the Perfume How Scents Convert into Feelings ...


Stop amp Smell the Perfume How Scents Convert into Feelings ...
Stop amp Smell the Perfume How Scents Convert into Feelings ...

How will you describe the way that you smell on a day-to-day basis? Does your perfume **have a floral, woodsy, musky, sweet, fruity or citrus-y smell to it? No matter which **fragrance **it is that you prefer, these scents come from the essential oils of fruits, flowers and herbs which actually have mood enhancing effects. Take a look at our list of essential oils which are mostly used in the perfume that you dab or spray on, and learn how the smells affect and enhance your **mood:
Armoise or Wormwood
This essential oil which is used in perfume manufacturing is originally from the fresh wormwood leaves of the wormwood plant in France. It has an aromatic, herbal and fresh scent which promotes healing.

Artemisia Absinthium and Artemisia Afra essential oils (previously known as wormwood) are very powerful energetic devices that can do a lot for you in aroma energy work.
Dr Silvia Hartmann
If you think that the basil herb is just used for cooking, think again. The leaves and flowers of the basil which is a tropical plant that grows in Asia and Africa produces an essential oil. It has a sweet smell to it which helps clear the mind of the wearer of the perfume.

Aromatherapists write that basil is a warm essential oil that improves mood and revives the fatigued mind. Basil oil is diffused to ease depression, stimulate thinking and banish melancholy.
Lisa Barger
The essential oil of bergamot comes from the rind of a citrus fruit which grows mainly in Calabria, Italy. It produces a citrusy, flowery scent which is extremely refreshing. Aside from that, bergamot has the effect of easing depression, healing the heart and soothing anxiety.

...these include bergamot, which has antiseptic properties, clary sage, which can help speed up labour, frankincense to calm nervous tension and jasmine to reduce pain and headaches.
Reflexology News
Cedarwood is an essential oil which is often used in men’s perfumes. It has a smoky, musky scent which brings that masculine quality - while at the same time helping strengthen the spirituality of the wearer.

Using essential oils such as cedarwood, melissa, sandalwood and frankincense which have high levels of sesquiterpenes, can have a huge impact on the emotions and attitudes, learning, energy levels as well as hormone balance and immune function.

Clove is another essential fragrance that you may think is only limited to the kitchen. However, the essential oil of clove comes from dried flower buds which has a pungent aroma and fragrant smell - which helps produce a feeling of comfort and reassurance.

Clove is a topical analgesic, especially useful in dentistry. It is also used as an antiseptic and antispasmodic.
The scent of jasmine, a flower native to China and India, is both exotic and sweet-smelling. Its mood enhancing effects are deeply nourishing and relaxing.

Jasmine oil valuable for severe depression and soothes the nerves, producing a feeling of confidence, optimism and euphoria, while revitalizing and restoring energy.
A Resource for Aromatherapy
Juniper-based perfumes come from berries of the same name which grow in the Northern hemisphere. It has a strong, rich smell which helps cleanse and detoxify the body and the mind.

Renowned for its detoxifying and purifying ability, Juniper essential oil clears waste, promotes excretion of toxins and increases vascular circulation.
R. Noel
Lavender is another popular essential oil and if you love the sweet scent of the flower, you will definitely benefit from its relaxing and harmonizing effects to your mood.

I've long been a fan of lavender. The fragrance is soothing and relaxing, and helps me bring my stress level down when I have a migraine or am simply wound up about something.
The essential oil of rosemary comes from the leaves and flowers of the plant. It has a fresh, woodsy flavor and smell which helps clear the thought and stimulates your mind.

Rosemary oil, used lightly in baths, and oil burners can stimulate the senses, and relax the body. Dried Rosemary can be bundled up with twine, or ribbon, and kept with your indoor firewood, and hearth tool set, to be added with wood as a fire-starter, and as a romantic mood setter. GreenGardenista
Violet Leaf
The essential oil from violet leaf has an herbaceous smell to it which calms, balances your mood and promotes confidence.

Oil infused with Violets is used to treat tinnitus. Gargle for sore throat. At one time, wearing a garland of Violets around the head was used to prevent dizziness, hangovers and headaches.
Dr. Francisco Spagniara
The ylang-ylang is a flower native to Asia, which has a sweet and exotic smell. This scent is soothing and sensual - and is something to look for when looking at the ingredients of your perfume bottle.

The essential oil of Ylang Ylang was one of the first essential oils I buyed... It has volatile notes that easily can be detected in the top notes of a perfume but it also give powdery sweet, flowery notes in the base.

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Hi Dolkar. Thank you for visiting our blog too. Yes, women are stalkers are obsessed with so many things. =)

Of all these scents, Ylang-Ylang and Rosemary the most. I use rosemary whenever I have an headache and it always clears it off

Hi, Thank you for visiting my blog at Dolkar Wellness....and for the quote. It was lovely and I absolutely adore your website. You're right....All women DO stalk. Best of luck to you. Dolkar

What's great about these scents is that they dont just make you smell good but also help in detoxifying the body.

Great list! I can add that lavender is very good in summer - it contains lot's of antioxidants and helps to maintain your healthy and beautiful suntan

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