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Kim Kardashians Dream Perfume ...

By Samantha

What do Hilary Duff, Jennifer Lopez, Sarah Jessica Parker all have in common? These celebs have launched a perfume **named after them. “**Keeping Up with the Kardashians” reality star Kim Kardashian is about to follow suit.

These days, the curvy 27-year old socialite **is busy working on her **new fragrance.

Kim Kardashian announced yesterday afternoon that she will launch her very own celebrity fragrance in May of 2009. “It has always been a dream **of mine to start my own **perfume business, since I love to mix fragrances **together and come up with new and different **scents!” she explains on her blog. “It all started when my mom introduced me to famous perfumer…. She and I have been working together to create a **scent **that is uniquely me that I can share with everyone!”


That famous perfumer that she’s referring to is Caroline Sabas from Gras, France. When the sniff-testing stage is over, the ‘dreamy’ **scent that is uniquely Kim will hit the stores of **US, Australia, UK, Germany **and **Japan.

Aside from keeping her nose busy sniffing through all those scents for her soon-to-be-launched line of perfumes, what else is keeping Kim busy? She’s currently working with fellow hotties Carmen Electra, Vanessa Minnillo and Crista Flanagan in the disaster movies spoof entitled -what else? -“**Disaster Movie**”.

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