24 Pictures of the Cutest Christmas Pets ...

When it comes to holidays, not only humans feel like celebrating! Don't believe me? Check out pictures of these super cute Christmas ****pets, and you'll have one more reason to smile this Holiday season! ;)

photo by * tathei *

Did you say "dinner"?

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photo by *SMILING PUG*

I was asking for a new toy, not this ribbon...

photo by Back in the Pack

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Can I open my eyes yet?

photo by [Christine]

-Guys, why are they laughing at us?

photo by siskokid

I don't feel like celebrating, guys... Just put me down, will ya?

photo by pintavelloso

Si-i-i-lent night, ho-o-o-ly night..!

photo by All-Mighty Clothing

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Someone's just told me there is no Santa... but I don't believe them...

photo by ~Leesa

Looks like we are both standing under a Mistletoe... You know what that means, don't you? ;)

photo by Heidi and Bondi

I don't like this coat... Maybe I need a smaller size?

photo by jobee59

"We'll be home for Christmas..."

photo by Doxieone

Are YOU Santa?

photo by suzalayne

Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Merry Christmas!

photo by paulh192

I am waiting for you Santa, I am waiting...

photo by Randy Son Of Robert

OK, which ones are mine?

photo by angiemckaig

I am so not into these Christmas photo shoots...

photo by Pixel Packing Mama

Check out my hat...

photo by [Christine]

OMG, I forgot to leave some milk and some cookies for Santa...

photo by - Rich Johnson -

Will you help me put up the lights?

photo by TiggerLarue

I will be a good doggie, I promise...

photo by Toronja Azul

OK, this red nose is killing me... Can we get it over with?

photo by JamesSeattle

Sh-sh-sh... Santa is almost here...

photo by pyza*

Awe... is this for me?

photo by pyza*

I can too help decorate! Just let me grab that apple...

photo by pyza*

OK, group picture, everybody! Smile!

Hope you enjoyed these as much as I did! Happy Holidays, everybody! )))

In case you have pictures of your own pets in Christmas attire, by all means, do share! Other readers and I would love to see them...

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