Meet 'mister Lonely' ...

hey hey! earlier today i came across the trailer (thanks to my pal JAM) for the new harmony korine film mister lonely (co-written by harmony's brother avi korine) although he's a bit of a dirty bird type character (one of my friends used to work with him and he had some crazy ass stories) i've really enjoyed mr. korine's work especially 1997's gummo which is such a deliciously filthy film (by 'filthy' i mean literal filth aka dust & grime - just watch the trailer) which starred his ex-girlfriend chloë sevigny who also was in his second (very bizarre) film 99's julien donkey-boy (harmony originally burst onto the scene back in 1995 as the writer of kids)

now after almost nine long years we've got **mister lonely** his third film (delayed due to funding and issues with drugs...) that tells the tale of a michael jackson impersonator played by cutie diego luna (remember y tu mamá también?) who befriends a marilyn monroe impersonator (**samantha morton**) and she takes him to a secluded haven where everyone is dressed up as a famous someone and they all put on shows together...i know it sounds completely wacky (and probably is just like the jackson clan who are finding themselves in a deep funk at the moment...) but something about the film seems really endearing & kinda sweet plus there's flying nuns! (of course i've embedded the trailer below) the limited US IFC release of the film kicks off on may 2nd - i'll definitely have to go see it out of plain ol' curiosity! (which has been known to kill a few cats...a reference back to 'gummo') i hope everyone had an enjoyable & peaceful holiday weekend - tomorrow it's back to the daily good time grind :( popbytes over & out for tonight...xxoo!

The story, according to the Korines, is of "a young American man lost in Paris. He scratches out a living as a Michael Jackson look-alike, dancing on the streets, public parks, tourist spots and trade shows. Different from everyone else, he feels as if he's floating between two worlds. During a show in an old people's home Michael Jackson meets Marilyn Monroe. Haunted by her angelic beauty he follows her to a commune in the Highlands, joining her husband Charlie Chaplin and her daughter Shirley Temple. A place where everyone is famous and no-one gets old. Here, The Pope, The Queen of England, Madonna, James Dean and other impersonators build a stage in the hope that the world will visit and watch them perform. Nuns fall out of airplanes and children ride ponies. Everything is beautiful. Until the world shifts, and reality intrudes on their utopian dream..."

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