Sense and Superficiality One Girl's Quest for True Love on the Internet


By Kaitlin Lipe

As a recent college graduate moving nine hundred miles back home to live with Mom and Dad, the male meat market has slowly dwindled down to the barista that serves me my latte and the 75 year old director of the library in my hometown.

To increase my numbers and turn myself into the Dating Goddess of Awesome, I thought I might try posting a profile on some of the more prestigious dating, here I come! And so I made myself desirable and the powers that be decided I was worthy enough to be listed on their website.

Despite shelling out forty bucks for three months of thirty year old men and emails about marriage, I finally discovered a man two years older than me who did not seem to have any strange facial tics, loved animals and did not mind that I drank coffee more than I took in oxygen. When he did not email me back after the fourth round of "what are your interests and dreams", I decided to try a different route.

Since I still did not possess a full time job nor a full time man, I went online and jokingly typed in "Sugar Daddy", only to have a website pop up on my Google search that I truly believed was a joke. Boy, was I wrong. is a website that caters specifically to playboys ranging from ages 23-?? and young women looking to reap the benefits. At first I was skeptical: what woman in her right mind would put herself out there as a gal without means? My assumption was that women in this day and age would not want to be kept by a man, but would prefer to express their individuality by having a job and paying the bills on time. I guess one woman's passionate love affair is another's whirlwind trip to Europe or penthouse in New York City; definitely not my cup of tea.

I think and I will be sticking together for a good long least until my subscription runs out.

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