Liz Earle = Goddess ...

After reading the article on Liz Earle Naturally Active Skincare in the February issue of Vogue a few weeks ago, we immediately logged on to her website and ordered a variety of producs filled with unusually high concentrations of antioxidants and botanicals.

We were especially interested in Superbalm Concentrate (which our friend and fellow beauty blogger Blogdorf Goodman talks about here) because according to Liz Earle, after using this intense overnight nourisher “you wake up looking about twelve.”

Um. Pinky promise, Liz?

When we received our box from the UK last week we were so impressed with the careful wrapping of each individual item, the personalized letter from the customer care manager asking us to call her with any questions or feedback, and the packing slip signed by ‘Sue’ telling us that she carefully packed our items in biodegradable chips and she hopes they arrived safely and in perfect condition, that we seriously wanted to place another order immediately, before even trying any of the products.

Every company (beauty or otherwise) should look to Liz Earle and her team for their impeccable customer service standards.

After using Liz Earle products for the past week, we are surprised to find that it’s not the Superbalm Concentrate that makes us weak in the knees (not that Superbalm Concentrate isn’t incredibly fab because it totally is) but the **Instant Boost Skin Tonic**, a soothing, reviving, floral-scented tonic that instantly moisturizes with nourishing botanicals. Misted onto our skin after cleansing but before moisturizing gives us a fine layer of hydration that’s ’sealed in’ by moisturizer.

Instant Boost Skin Tonic is particularly beneficial to help calm sensitive skin with ingredients including organic aloe vera juice, anti-inflammatory calendula, calming cucumber extract, balancing geranium, uplifting rosewood essential oil and natural vitamin E.

We’ve also been using **Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser** which is making our skin squeaky clean with the help of the super thin muslin cloths that exfoliate while washing away makeup and impurities.

We haven’t been consistent with the Superbalm Concentrate this past week because we’re loving the New Shiseido Skincare Night Moisture Recharge, but we’ll be back soon with a thorough review of the best-selling Liz Earle product.

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