QampA the Fug Girls ...

Notorious for their witty put downs, Heather and Jessica a.k.a “The Fug Girls” - founders of the insanely addictive Go Fug Yourself - have become the go-to for honest fashion commentary. Capitalizing on their success, “The Fug Girls” have just released their debut book titled “Go Fug Yourself presents The Fug Awards” (stay tuned for a review). Here, they give us their thoughts on the Oscars!

What was your favourite Oscar fashion?

**Heather: ** Plenty of people looked perfectly pretty–Amy Ryan, Jennifer Garner–but nobody really took my breath away except possibly Marion Cotillard. Her mermaid-esque dress has been much debated, but for me what pushed it over into the “love it” column was that once the pre-shows were over, her gown was the only one I felt I didn’t see for long enough.

Jessica: I loved Marion’s dress as well. I thought it was the only dress that was both beautifully fitted and flattering, and really sort of interesting as well. It’s a testament to how dull the Oscars were this year that I can’t really even remember anyone else. I did like Keri Russell’s sort of blush-colored Nina Ricci dress as well.

What did you hate?

Heather: Cameron Diaz looked terrible. The dress was rumpled, her hair was in a careless ponytail, and she didn’t have on a lick of makeup. I’m so sick of people being all blas

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