7 Great Hoaxes ...


With the power of the internet and photoshop type software, itโ€™s now so easy to perpetrate some great hoaxes that are perfectly believable. Indeed, everyday there are people who sit behind their computer screens with multiple online personalities all hiding their real selves. Long before the internet, though, people have been hoodwinked or fooled into believing something that later turned out to be completely false. Here are 7 great hoaxes that rocked the world.

1. Napoleon, Franklin and the Chess Machine

The Turk was a chess playing machine invented in 1769 by Wolfgang von Kempelen. He toured Europe for several years defeating luminaries such as Napoleon Bonaparte and Benjamin Franklin. The Turk was a cabinet that displayed a set of clockwork mechanisms that played chess against human opponents. It turned out to be a cabinet that concealed a Grand Chess Master who operated the mechanism.

The Loch Ness Monster
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