Do You Make These Mistakes on a First Date?


Do You Make These Mistakes on a First Date?
Do You Make These Mistakes on a First Date?

You were charming enough to get her to go out with you, now don’t screw it up with these common first date mistakes.

Forgetting to Call
The date starts before you even pick her up. Be a gentlemen and assure her that the date you have is still on. If she thinks you might have forgot or that you’re standing her up, she may make plans to go out with her friends instead. Best time to call is in the early afternoon so she has ample time to plan and get ready for your evening date together.

Acting Like a Rich Bastard
Don’t toss money around like it doesn’t matter. If you’re trying to buy her with your wealth, it’s probably not going to happen unless she’s a gold digger (goodluck to you if she is btw). Affection isn’t something that can be bought, so work your dating skills and not your wallet. Do be a gentlemen and pick up the tabs on your first few dates. After about the third date, you should be comfortable enough with each other to share expenses - You pay for the movie and she buys the popcorn.

Talking About Your Ex
She doesn’t need to hear about your baggage. Many guys like to brag about their past dating experiences to make themselves sound in demand, but in reality it’s boring for her to listen to. Avoid talking about your past conquests, unless she asks you about them herself. Even then, keep your answers short and simple. You don’t want to sound like a player.

Enough With the Compliments
Of course you’re awed by her beauty and personality but keep the compliments to a minimum. A couple of sincere compliments will go a long way. Anymore than that, and it’ll prove that you’re out of her league.

Not Opening Her Doors
Having a nifty car alarm that unlocks the car doors is great and all, but show her that chivalry isn’t dead. Walk her over to the passenger side of your car, and actually open and close it for her. This will be the first of many doors that you’ll need to open for her on date night.

Location. Location. Location.
Your first date dinner shouldn’t be at a fast food joint or a fancy restaurant where entrees start at $50. Find a nice place that falls in between to show her you’re neither cheap nor trying to be a show off. Don’t spend hours deliberating what to eat. You should have a restaurant reservations made well ahead of time to show that you’re confident and have things handled. Do be open to suggestions, if she has a particular venue in mind.

Talking on the Phone
Turn the damn cell phone off. That means no phones calls and no text messages for the entire date. Show her that she’s important enough that you can forget the rest of the world when she’s with you.

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