41-Year-Old Virgin Spends 40000 to Find a Mate ...


41-Year-Old Virgin Spends 40000 to Find a Mate ...
41-Year-Old Virgin Spends 40000 to Find a Mate ...

Shahnaz Khan will do that and then some. The 41-year-old British lecturer has spent the last decade and close to $40,000 on various plastic surgeries to make her face as impressive as her personality in order to find a husband, **the Daily Mail reports** (before and after photos behind the link).

“The problem was I had a plain, boorish face. I didn’t feel ugly but when I went out I felt invisible and insignificant,” she said. “When I thought about it more, I came to the conclusion that people looked past me — there was nothing about my face to hold their interest.

“I then realized that although I had developed my mind, I hadn’t developed my appearance,” she continued. “It doesn’t matter how clever or worldly you are — people make snap judgments in seconds. The truth was that my outward appearance was holding me back.”

Khan began her quest for physical perfection by getting $2,000 worth of permanent makeup tattooed on her face. She then followed it up with two nose jobs, a nose-tip lift and some eye work. But the piece de resistance was the surgical addition of a dimple in her left cheek.

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m thinking someone that spends that much money to alter the outside must have some issues to deal with on the inside! It’s not just about the mind — I’ve personally dated some pretty hot majorly HOT men, but they were downright ugly on the inside and caused the relationship to crash and burn.

I’m wondering, MEN - are looks THAT important that you? Or would you take a woman who isn’t quite as attractive to have more personality and compatibility?

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