Charleston Police Officer Writes Book on Dating ...


Charleston Police Officer Writes Book on Dating ...
Charleston Police Officer Writes Book on Dating ...

Ok, if you’re one of those people who likes taking dating advice from people who are still single or who have been divorced two-welve times, then here’s one for you!

Charleston police officer **Duke Jordan is dreaming big again**.

When he’s not working the streets in uniform, the former Marine has tried his hand at various entrepreneurial adventures.

He sold Mary Kay makeup for a while hoping for the company’s most coveted sales prize: a pink Cadillac.

He got a couple of patents on exercise equipment, using his own physique to try and convince other people he could help them shape theirs.

Now the man who was voted Charleston’s sexiest back in 2003 is using his charm to try and sell something new — a book, and an idea.

Jordan has just published his how-to relationship guide, “Hook, Line and Single.”

He’s sold about 400 copies so far, but he’s aiming much higher.

He’s got goals of being on Dr. Phil or Oprah, talking to the world about his theories on navigating the complex world of dating and commitment.

Jordan, 40, has worked for the Charleston Police Department for the past 17 years. He’s now supervisor of the patrol division.

He’s been selling his fishing-themed dating book so far on, and at Taylor Books, but he’s looking for ways to get the $12.95 publication out to more stores and more readers.

Certainly I wish him the best of luck, but if I’m going to take dating advice from anyone, it’s going to be that little old couple up the street who’ve been married for 100 years.

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