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Browsing Dating Sites at Work ...

By Gayla

An Air New Zealand employee **fired after being caught spending up to a third of his working hours accessing internet sites**, including dating and online chat services, was unjustifiably dismissed, the Employment Relations Authority awarded him $2,000.

Ok, maybe I’m a little too conservative when it comes to this sort of thing, but I think browsing dating sites or chat rooms during work hours is completely unacceptable. Perhaps on a lunch hour, sure — but 57 hours in one month? I don’t think so! This guy should have gotten NOTHING but fired!

It’s been a while since I’ve worked in an office setting outside the home or actually ‘reported’ to a ‘boss’ for that matter. But from what I do recall about work, I actually went to an office and traded my time and effort for a paycheck that would then be used to support my family.

Maybe I’m a little paranoid too in thinking that employers have EVERY right to examine computers they own at any given time. I would not want them finding that sort of thing in my hard drive.

Are you a browser at work? Does your employee allow it? Do you participate on dating sites from work? Are you paranoid doing so?

And most importantly, how do you justify your time spent on these things versus actually doing the job you’re hired to do?

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