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** By Rebecca Gibbs **

Every morning I wonder to myself, "Hmm, what should I write about today." Since I start my day off with reading the Bible, I end up longing to write about what I read. Whether it's the stories I read, or verses that stood out to me, to talking about doctrines in several Christian denominations. After my reading, I turn to my cup of coffee, (which I usually forget to drink while reading) take a few sips and then head to the kitchen to make breakfast.

As I make breakfast I begin thinking about health. Once I get rolling on that, I end up wanting to write all about health as well as research it further! So many people today neglect their health which in return gives us people who are overweight, people fighting sicknesses, and cancer. Though not all is linked back to the food we eat too much or not enough of, it is still mostly linked to the lifestyle we choose to live.

Once breakfast is made, my husband comes rolling out of bed to eat his share. This of course makes me want to write about marriage. My husband is a gift from God and it saddens me when spouses mistreat each other. Most of it is because of miscommunication. Though my husband and I are not perfect, we have still learned a lot in the short time that we've been married. I want so much to share with others that you can work through hardships and keep a marriage strong. We've hit some very rough spots that most marriages would have ended because of, yet we have been pushing through and are still more in love with each other then when we first wed.

By this time I'm off in a writers world thinking along as we eat our breakfast when suddenly I hear a "click." The sound of my husband turning the TV on. It's time for our morning news. My husband likes to keep posted on what's happening with our country, but it just makes my mind scream. Just when I thought my mind was full of enough stuff to write about, we have to through in politics and the morals of our country and this world. Will I ever run out of things to write about?

Next it's time for my husband to take me to my job, where of course I will only think of more things to write about because I work with customers and coworkers for 6 hours a day, but before that even happens, I take a walk through my veggie and flower gardens to check on everything. Are their veggies that need to be picked? Pumpkins to puree? Any new flowers blooming today? Once I get going on gardening I begin wanting to write about it as well. It's only 7am and I've already thought of so many subjects to write about?

By the time I get home from work to sit down and write, I can't figure which subject to write about or to at least start with. What can I do about it? After pondering this for a long time, I finally came to the conclusion that I must write about life. All those subjects are a part of life. From religion to health to politics and everything else. It all ties together into every day life. An office worker, gardener and mechanic can relate to each other because they, in a way, kind of do the same thing. All deal with "dirt" whether its crazy coworkers, soil, or grease on an engine, they have to learn to work together with someone or something.... and they all go home to personal problems, large or small, they all deal with how the government is run, whether they see it directly effecting them or not, and they all need to take steps to a healthier lifestyle.

No matter where we are at in life, we must always look for ways to improve whether it's mental, physical or spiritual health.

That's what I have figured out so now I've decided to be a writer of life.

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