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5 Important Life Lessons to Think about...

By Meream

1 Finish What You Started

Push yourself to finish projects or call an end to them. If you don't, they will just sit there and make you feel depressed and stressed. So remember never to give up, no matter what. I should do this with my unfinished sewing projects.

2 Get the Most out of Life

Ever considered having a Bucket List? If you have one, are you almost done doing the things in your list? Read this interview of the boys of The Burried Life for inspiration.

3 Have Some DON'TS

It is important to set boundaries and have a list of DON'TS. Here are 3 that Lynn follows.

4 Update the Way You See Dating

It seems that people complain about how there are no great guys/girls out there. Well change your attitude and update your "types." You might just find the love of your life sooner than you expected.

5 Life is Beautiful -- Live it Beautifully

Take time to take in the beauty of life. Here are great tips on how to do that.
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