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5 New Years Resolutions to Keep ...

By Meream

Table of contents:

  1. avoid toxic men
  2. keep your friends close
  3. go green
  4. stay civil
  5. eat breakfast

1 Avoid Toxic Men

Avoid the likes of John Mayer, Jon Gosselin, and Levi Johnston. We have great articles here on how to grab a guy but make sure that you don't use our tips on catching the eyes of toxic men.

2 Keep Your Friends Close

Follow Carrie's example and keep your girl friends close. Life is definitely more colorful and bearable with them.

3 Go Green

You are probably sick now of people telling you to go green, but really, there is no better time to do it. Mother Nature is begging.

4 Stay Civil

I know it's hard to stay nice when some people are just so annoyingly insane but kindness can take you far.

5 Eat Breakfast

Not only will this help you maintain or lose weight, you will also feel great the whole day.
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